Geometry Coffee Roasters

Geometry Coffee Roasters, based in Galway, is a specialty coffee roastery by brothers George & Matt. With a passion for quality, we meticulously source and roast coffee beans to deliver a distinct and exceptional coffee experience.

Geometry Coffee Roasters featuring Matt and Frano during a specialty coffee roasting session

We are a family run specialty coffee roastery. Striving to constantly source the best sustainably grown green coffee from the best producing origins all over the world. Using our roasting expertise and knowledge we than roast it in a way that will bring out the best flavours for you to enjoy. We are coffee enthusiasts who decided after many years working in the coffee industry to create our own speicalty coffee roastery.

We wanted to create our own coffee that is memorable to those that really want to enjoy high quality coffee. Geometry is our angle on specialty coffee, we hope you join us on our journey

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Our Coffee

Sourcing only specialty grade coffee, we roast and ship on a weekly basis

CO2 Neutral Bags

We only use Carbon Neutral Packaging for our wholesale and retail bags

Barista Training

We can do on site Barista Training tailored for your needs ensuring you get the best extraction

Espresso Equipment

Thinking of opening a cafe? We can help you with sourcing your espresso equipment.

Brothers George and Matt of Geometry Coffee Roasters - a Specialty Coffee roasting business in Galway Ireland

Our Story

We are two brothers - George and Matt who are coffee enthuaists. We decided to create our own Specialty Coffee Roastery after working in the Coffee industry for years. Our father Bryan was the one who introduced us to the world of coffee when he opened his cafe in 1989.

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Matt Flannery AST SCA Trainer 2021-2024


We are Authorised SCA Trainers

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SCA Member

We are a member of the Specialty Coffee Association