George Matt & Bryan of Geometry Specialty Coffee Roasters

We are George & Matt, coffee fanatics and founders of Geometry Coffee Roasters - a specialty coffee roasting business, located in the heart of the West of Ireland in Tuam, Co. Galway

Matt Bryan & George of Geometry Coffee Roaster

A Generation in the making

Planting the seed

Our father Bryan introduced us into the world of Coffee when he set up his Coffee wholesale business in 1989 after running a successful cafe for a few years prior to that. We were both under the age of 5 at the time so for us growing up, Coffee was apart of our lives. Memorable days of trips to places like Connemara delivering coffee with our Father forever etched in our minds.

Blossoming in 2020

Having both joined the family business after completing college, conversations on roasting were always on our minds. When the world took an extended Coffee Break in April 2020 we grasped our opportunity. We began roasting on a 500g Mill City Coffee Roaster initally for educational development. Learning and experminting meant we had time to develop our coffee roasting skills.

George, Matt, Frano of Geometry Coffee Roasters Galway Specialty Coffee Roasters

Making our own path

Brewing in 2021

In late 2021 our production roaster, a Probat P12 III arrived from Germany and once commissined we set about roasting. Our ethos in simple, we strive to source the best sustainably grown coffee from the worlds best producing countries. We then apply our knowlege of roasting the coffee in a way we ensure the very best flavour profile is in the cup.

Harvested in 2022

At the beginning of 2022, Geometry Coffee Roasters embraced the art of roasting specialty coffee, elevating our commitment to quality and flavor. The decision to roast in-house was a precision-meets-creativity moment, where we honed the geometry of roast profiles.

Since then, each cup tells a story of dedication and a profound love for the craft, as we master the intricate dance between bean origin, temperature, and time.

So why call it Geometry?

When deciding on the name for our coffee roastery we settled on Geometry for a number of reasons;

Firstly Geometry combines letters from all our names when combined together.

George Matthew & Bryan

We also love the meaning behind the word Geometry


the branch of mathematics concerned with the properties and relations of points, lines, surfaces, solids, and higher dimensional analogues

Coffee could be described as an Art or Science however it's could also be decribed as Maths. For the perfect extraction you will want all your parameters correct. A precise dose extracted over a precise time to gain a precise yeild at a precise temperature; Geometry